The Joy of "Old" Friends

This week has been a special week for me (excluding the fires that have killed 181 so far and left thousands homeless, of course!).

Through the wonders of social networking site Facebook, I had dinner with two friends from high school, whom I haven’t seen for half my lifetime. And there’s nothing more sure to make you feel old than adding up the years between catch-ups with friends, and then realising that it’s half my lifetime I ago! The last I saw J was at about 18, I’m 36 now – so, yes, that’s half my lifetime! Ahhhhhh! For I, it was about 15 years, so only just over a third of my lifetime. A much more acceptable fraction!

Anyway, meeting again was like picking up a conversation that only paused yesterday.

I moved to Melbourne 15 years ago to be with my now-husband. I struggled to place a foothold of my own as my darling OH was an umpire of AFL in a town that is OBSESSED with the sport. I felt that my identity as “KJ, all round nice girl” was usurped by being so-and-so, the AFL umpire’s girlfriend. How the now famous WAGS of sportsmen happily adopt that title is beyond me. Being known merely as someone’s partner is belittling and personality stripping, as far as I’m concerned.

So, to spend an animated conversation resuming my former persona was such an uplifting and confidence boosting experience I want more! For a few hours I was me again – more than someone’s girlfriend, wife or mother. They remembered me in my finest (or at least youthful) years, and for the first time in a REALLY long time I could talk about *gasp* my life before I met my husband! I barely thought about, let alone talked about, my darling husband and our two gorgeous girls.

Whilst I would not trade my life with theirs, casual sex and all, it was nice to be me again…..or at least as I once was!

And, what to me seemed the most amazing thing, they both said they would swap their single commitment-free lifestyle for my suburban hum drum.

Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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