A Farewell to Baby Days

For someone who desperately does not want any more children, the waving goodbye to baby days has been sad.

For the last 12 months I’ve been looking forward to the Youngest Miss moving on into little girlhood and away from babydom. In the past month we have moved into a big bed, and in the last week we have mastered toilet training. A large part of me rejoices. Hurray! No more pooey nappies to change while simultaneously trying not to heave! Hurray! Saving $30 or so a week by not buying nappies! Hurray! More room in the garbage bin without used nappies!

But it’s with regret I have parted with the cot I lovingly picked out 6 years ago for the Biggest Miss, complete with little nibble marks around the perimeter. It’s now gone to a younger cousin. As has all the linen that was selected when we were yet to meet these two incredible girls, when our future was full of endless possibilities. The high chair has gone, the port a cot donated, rattles, rusks, bibs, and Bonds suits have all vanished from our lives.

But the sadness is temporary. We have moved into a more independent phase, where we can resume some semblance of our “before children” lives. A life that doesn’t necessitate lugging around a 6kg nappy bag stocked with all the emergency supplies that babyhood necessitates. A life that includes going out to dinner (albeit earlier and with crayons and colouring books in tow), and holding little hands in mine as opposed to pushing a pram.

With babies the world closes in, encapsulates the young faily in a protective cocoon. Our world is opening up, and whilst I will alwys feel misty eyed when I think of our baby days, I am leaping forward into the new version of life that is rushing to greet me.

Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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