Just Braggin

Miss 6 came home from school yesterday with a note advising us she had been selected to join an advanced writing program at school. It runs for two hours a week and is taken by a teacher from a school dedicated to ‘gifted’ students.

Naturally, we are thrilled. She has always loved writing, drawing and imaginative play.

So, why have I told no-one? I know a lot of my friend’s children have struggled at school, particularly the boys, and I feel like I would be rubbing Miss 6’s good fortune (‘cos intelligence is really luck) in their faces.


So, here is my brag –

2 thoughts on “Just Braggin

  1. Thanks, jambuku. Parental pride is a wonderful emotion, but must be kept in check so as not to turn into one of ‘those’ parents. (insert eye roll)

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