Wonders Never Cease

One night last week the in-laws stayed with the little Missies whilst the OH and I had some grown up time.

They served chicken and vegetables for dinner, with the Littlest Miss trying broccoli for the first time. (I can’t stand it, and as I am in charge of grocery shopping it rarely makes it’s way into our house) Her enthusiasm for the weird green vegie has been effusive. We had to buy some on Monday, and I was not permitted to put any other items on top of it in the trolley. She stood guard and stroked it from time to time.

Last night she polished off half of the broccoli for dinner.

It just makes me think that she may be the spitting image of me (that’s what people keep telling me) but she must get her food genes from her dad!

Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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