Our Family Lexicon

Last night the OH asked where his “Hopper-roos” were, and it made me think how every family has it’s own secret language, which appears to be further expanded when you have little kids.

So, here is a few of ours –

Hopper-roos – the OH’s grey pyjamas, that were acquired on a QANTAS business class flight. They have a black kangaroo emblem across the chest.

Home home – our main house, as opposed to –

More home – our holiday house

Ups and downs, fronts and backs – how to brush your teeth

Double check – what the girls call out for after they have been to the toilet. This caused great confusion for the 3 year old kinder teacher!

Pillows – tortellini pasta

Gooly goog – a bit redundant now, but was the big missy’s word for an egg. Derivative of googy egg.

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