Just When You Least Expect It

A couple of weeks ago the OH’s 34 year old cousin died in a workplace accident, and the surprise grief just keeps taking me by…..well, SURPRISE.

Friday night the OH and I were at a Paul Kelly concert slap bang in the front row. We were having a great time – singing along to the soundtrack of our lives when PK launched into Deeper Water (which tells the story of a couple and how “the woman gets sick, she’s down to the bone, she said where I’m going next, I’m going alone.”). With the first recognition of what song it was my throat got a lump and tears followed quickly. By the end of the song both the OH (not prone to public tears) and I were wiping tears from our cheeks, and trying to recapture our previous mood.

It just proves that grief comes up and whacks you across the head when you least expect it.

RIP Brett ♥

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