TWO SLEEPS!!!!!!!!

Two sleeps until myself and the Missy’s depart on a jet plane.  And, yes, it will be more than 24 hours in transit by the time we get there but after 11 weeks solo parenting I am feeling brave. 

I would walk through fire to reunite my family at the moment, such is my longing for us all to be together.  And I’m pretty sure, now that the novelty of bachelor living has worn off, the OH would do the same.

I know there will be tears at the other end of the trip, as I could cry right now.  With a long haul trip with two kids behind me I know tears will arrive even easier once I lay eyes on my husband.

Tow sleeps.  Two sleeps. Two sleeps.

1 thought on “TWO SLEEPS!!!!!!!!

  1. Well done for getting this far without any major catastophes :)The plane trip will be the easiest thing you have done over the last 2 months or so. Enjoy it – they will be no problem at all. Be extra sweet to the hosties and they will help you out.Good luck and we'll speak soonAmanda

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