The Trip

I started a long and detailed post about our trip and then realised that other people’s travel stories (not to mention their photo’s) are BORING!  So I’m going to go with the highlights and the low lights in bullet points.  Here we go…..

  •  “I need to do a poo!  I need to do a poo NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!” yelled as a plane is coming in for landing is decipherable even if the other passengers do not speak English.  This was the only low light of our many plane trips.  The girls were excellent.
  • After 26 hours in transit the husband and wife reunion was not what you’d expect it be.  The Missy’s had right of way for husband’s affections, whilst I stood with the luggage. As you do.
  • Bruges in Belgium is just beautiful.  A bit like a fairy tale town.
  • Occasionally you find yourself in a place that just ‘fits’ you.  This happened to us in Ypres/Ipers in southern Belgium.  And if you’re interested in why we were in Ypres to start with pop over to my other blog.  
  • If you’ve never been to Brussels, do not bother.  You have missed nothing.
  • We spent a long weekend on a houseboat in Amsterdam.  (Apologies to Lloyd Cole)
  • The best way to see any new place is to walk.  We walked for hours!  We also cycled, climbed bell towers, went on cable cars, boats, and trains.
  • The farewell at Dusseldorf airport was worse than out farewell 3 months ago at Melbourne airport. We all cried.
  • Singapore I prefer to forget.  Gastro and period pain combined forces and sent me to off to hospital at 1.30am while the wonderful staff at the Holiday Inn took care of the girls. I was home within 90 minutes and can not praise the staff at Mount Elizabeth hospital enough.

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