Today is the 16th of January.

Which means it’s been 6 years since my second pregnancy ended with nothing to show but an anaesthetic hangover and an aching heart.

I’m not a person who puts a lot of emphasis on anniversaries.  My husband and I have never celebrated either our wedding anniversary nor the anniversary of the day we met.  Anniversaries of any sort just don’t figure that large in my life.

But every year January 16 sneaks into my subconscious and releases some of the sadness that washed through me when I heard the words “I can see a tiny little baby, but it’s heart isn’t beating.”

To my little baby, mummy loves you. x

5 thoughts on “Today

  1. Oh. I know.
    You hear those words, and well, you just get swept along with it all. I tried to tell myself that it didn’t really matter. Who was I kidding?
    Not that I’m trying to take away from your story. Just – in a small way – saying that I hear you.

  2. Hugs. Been there also. Perhaps its the subconscious. Perhaps its a little angel popping in to say hi mummy, I love you too.

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