Today I Lightened My Load

We are fortunate to have a holiday house.  Which makes us sound posh, so I always have to add that we bought it yonks ago before the property market went crazy for $78500. And, no, that is not missing a zero. It really did cost us $78500, and it’s 4 bedroom and a 5 minute stroll to a little bay beach.

Ahem….it appears I digressed in order to not sound posh.

What this means is that we (well, really I because we all know who is really responsible for packing, don’t we?) have not one, but TWO houses to prepare for moving.  This is foremost in my mind, so today I jumped in and purged the holiday house of all it’s crap.

The thing with holiday houses is that people tend to treat it like an Op Shop. Have an old vacuum you no longer need? Send it K&M’s holiday house! Sure you know longer want that bedspread because it went out of fashion in the Jurassic era but it’s great for a holiday house. So, before you know it your holiday house looks like an Op Shop.

Today I relieved the house of an offcut of carpet, a microwave that was bizarrely in a wardrobe, a CD player that hasn’t worked for 3 years, old curtain rods and a couple of bags of miscellaneous rubbish.  There’s also a Queen bed mattress and base set that requires anyone who sleeps on it to seek chiropractic advice, and a two-seater lounge complete with sagging springs. These need to wait for a trailer to get them to the dump. So far, they’ve been gathering dust for 4 years waiting for the trailer.

And then I journeyed to a place I have not been since I was a little girl. The dump. Sorry, I mean the “Waste Transfer Station”.   Back in the 70’s a trip to the tip with dad was a highlight and something to be looked forward to. I have no idea why it excited us so much or why we seemed to go to the dump every couple of weeks, especially as quite a lot of our rubbish was disposed of in the incinerator.  But we were always thrilled to accompany dad to the dump. As a parent I now know that sending us to the dump with dad was mum’s way of getting a little ‘me time’.

My daughters did not share my enthusiasm.  They didn’t moan, but they were bewildered as to why it was a treat in the “olden days” to go to the dump, and staring at the mountains of garbage I understood their bewilderment.

Things have changed in dumpland since my last visit.  Firstly, there are FEES to get rid of your crap (which the lovely garbologist did not charge me!).  Secondly, you have to separate your rubbish into various sections. Steel section for the microwave and curtain rods. If I’d had green waste that would have gone elsewhere. But the great joy of the trip came for my ‘general waste’. I got to drive up a little hill and hurl my rubbish off the edge and onto the pile below.  I sent my purple lavender scented garbage bags free, hurtling them onto the many pile of unwanted crap below.


Very cathartic.

8 thoughts on “Today I Lightened My Load

  1. In the town I live, you don’t even get to throw your garbage bags into the great unknown. You throw them into a concrete trench, and a little digger scoops them up, puts them on a truck, and the TRUCK takes it to the tip.

    My husband came back from the tip, and couldn’t stop talking about it. This may something about where we live, or something about him. I’m not sure which.

    • Denying of the garbage chuck is against human rights. The hurl is all part of the letting go process. Weirdly you could just drive up to the bit where the stuff lands, but it seems the council understands the need to hurl your crap from up high.

  2. Feeling good arent you?
    They say (well on Oprah, someone said) that when you declutter a place, you feel ‘lightened’ and I agree.
    But, like anything,the first step is H A R D.
    When I’d retired (finally – did it twice)I still had “too much crap, er resources” so despite donating, giving, lending and sending a lot to Danya and others including a mission for literacy for Ab kids, it was time to HURL a secure bin so all crapola that might have had names on it was going to be hard to just ‘dump’ and the value was immeasurable.
    Teachers have gazillions of folders, plastic sleeves, you name it and so, my load has lightened muchly.
    BTW – my dad thought trips to the dump were good too – me, just took a book, crouched in back and hoped no-one saw me. Oh, and I have empty shelves and some drawers!!!

    • I am very good at decluttering and chucking, Denyse. Husbandis very bad. Today I found his board shorts from when he was 15. He was *supposed* to have thrown them out, it appears he actually moved them from our house to our holiday house. Grrrrrr

  3. I remember going to the Dump! Unfortunately, our nearest “waste transfer station” is in the grounds of a recycled building stuff yard. Without fail, my husband returns with more than he left. And he’s not a kid.

  4. I don’t wanna talk about clear-outs, because I have one mother of a clear out job in front of me that….so

    I just want to say: *Is it wrong that all I want now is a holiday house that looks like an op shop*? (Which would also solve problem 1, so on and so on.) PS What year do I have to turn my time machine to, to get a bargain like that??

    • If you set the time machine for 1999 you could have got a bargain for even less than what we paid. No-one wanted to buy at Phillip Island then. Houses were on the market for YEARS. Blocks of land were from $15000 where we are (they are now over the $100k mark). If only I did have a time machine I’d have bought half the Island!

  5. We were just last week talking about holiday homes.

    1999 we had the opportunity to buy a block of land in Denmark (Sth Wst WA) for $7500. There were 4 of us (and about 20 blocks) and we all thought it would be a bit of a waste so didn’t bother.

    Blocks sell there for over $350000 now.


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