Trailing Along

This morning I unearthed my three expat books by Robin Pascoe.  I bought them a while ago and then put them away when our Expat dream was feeling very much like a mirage.  It glimmered at the periphery of my eye line but never seemed to get any closer.

But, it’s closer now so I unearthed Robin’s books to get myself in the right frame of mind,  to shake off the mental inertia that comes from 5 weeks on holidays.

I flicked through the books and was telling the Big Missy (BM) that she will be called a ‘global nomad’ or a ‘third culture kid’.  She was a bit chuffed with that, although was slightly confused as to what her second culture will be.  As was I.  (Proof of my mental inertia)

As happens with conversations, one topic leads to another, and I introduced my husband to my title – ‘trailing spouse’.  He said it made me sound like a dog on a leash being dragged unwillingly behind its master.  To me it brings to mind the wife of the Japanese Emperor who always has to walk 3 steps behind him with her eyes downcast.

Neither image is particularly appealing.

And then my husband said something that goes a long way to explaining why he is my husband: “Not sure why it’s trailing spouse as it’s actually the spouse who does all the hard bits, the bloke just goes to work.”

2 thoughts on “Trailing Along

  1. Awwwwwwww, and you fell just a little bit more in love with him. Gee they know how to get brownie points don’t they?

    You are soon going to be peers of the Jolie-Pitts. Aren’t they Global Nomads?

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