The Great Cull of Crap

Moving necessitates that someone in the house touches every object and makes a decision to keep or to cull.  In this house the someone is me.

So far, I am up to 5 carboot loads to the Op Shop/Charity Bin and one of toys to the Little Missy’s pre-school.  There is room in the cupboards for the first time in years but that’s probably because there’s boxes for storage stacked in the formal lounge room.

I’ve some across some great crap, so thought it only fair that I share some of it:

  • every pay slip my husband has ever had;
  • my name badge from when I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken, this was well before it became KFC;
  • a broderie anglaise tissue box cover, cos tissue boxes are soooo unsightly;
  • a stack of doilies. I will keep these for when we move into a retirement village, but will need to purchase  a plastic hall runner to get the full ‘Nanna’ effect.;
  • a trillion plastic bags, pegs and pieces of cardboard;
  • a box full of cassette tapes, most of them dubbed. Some quality artists, too – Freaked Out Flower Children (Sophie Lee!), Betty Boo, Sinita, Extreme all spring to mind;
  • a hand written list of my strengths and weaknesses that I must have written in preparation for a job interview back when I had a job;
  • a wooden nut-cracker my husband received as a wedding present.  It was clearly regifted and is in the shape of a naked woman and the nuts are cracked between her legs. Classy.

And there are also the things you stumble across that you had *almost* forgotten that you had, but are very glad that you do.  Like the Mothers Day, birthday and ‘just because’ cards the Missies have made over the years.  I don’t keep every piece of artwork they produce as they are rather prolific artistes, but I do find it difficult to part with anything that has “I love you, Mum!” written on it.

I also came across a duck-egg blue bag. With duck-egg blue boxes inside. With Tiffany & Co. photo frames inside that my husband received from his work in recognition of putting in 10 years hard graft. Why, oh why, were these pushed to the back of the linen press?

3 thoughts on “The Great Cull of Crap

  1. Love the nutcracker, KJ. It might be a valuable antique one day! I can certainly relate to that list of collected items, which I’m certain that after more than 20 years in this house we would have similar. Have you found somewhere to stay in Singers?

  2. From the plastic bags to the Tiffany boxes..oh me, oh my!
    That IS why you do need to see, touch, decide isn’t it?
    Have you also suddenly been transported back in time with many of the items (naked woman nutcracker excluded..don’t even WANT to know) especially the girls’ notes and writing.
    Did you, ahem, feel you had moved on since the making of the S&W list? No need to answer.
    We moved about 8 times as teachers and some items always were moved because of memories/significance/whatever.
    I still have:
    – my baby teeth (in a special box)
    – my wedding dress (worn by granddaughters in dress ups, didnt fit me once I had kids!)
    – coins …coins? I think they were given to me by grandparents

    But, as recently as 2 years ago, our house (been here now for 13 years) needed a cull as B had stopped teaching/reading his subscription mags…and I was giving up work.
    Where to start on the cull? In the office/study areas. Paper. Cheque books stubs, statements from banks…I had no inclination to rip it up (arthritis) nor feed into 5 sheet shredder.
    Found a company who brought out two large locked garbage bins on wheels, and into these went the papers, confidential stuff not needed, records of kids taught, much STUFF..and then around a week later, two bins collected, disposed of securely and more space left.
    Finally, this year, I have donated and ebayed lots of the grandkids out grown toys, as well as B’s musical instruments and tools. Made about $2K with that booty!
    Good luck Kel!!

  3. Feel like coming over to mine and do EXACTLY the same thing?

    I’m trying to get Himself to build a storeroom in our house so I can store all of our crap because it’s just become too much to deal with.

    And I blame the kids. I’m sure I didn’t accumulate quite as much junk before they came.

    I’m sure.

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