I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a bit.

I’ve been packing and culling, and thinking about packing and culling.

I’ve also been searching Singapore property web-sites, which appear to be stocked with the same “dummy ads” day in, day out.

So, I will get back to posting here when I have something interesting to report.

7 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. And when you arrive you’ll be unpacking and culling and thinking “why did I bring all this stuff?” 🙂 But then how streamlined your life will be once you’ve got it pared down to the essentials; there’s something quite liberating about it.

    • yah i’m in the thinking about it stage. got boxes, must pack. what do you pack? what do you store? what kitchen things do we need to take? everything has the wrong bloody plug anyway. oh but we must take the nespresso. can’t leave that beauty behind. bah! too hard!

      • My sticking point is photo albums. To take or not to take? If I take what happens if the container falls off the ship? If we store them what happens if they become damp affected or mice chew on them?

        I have given all the negatives and back up discs to a relative but it still keeps me awake at night. My husband REALLY should not have told me about containers going overboard. *sigh*

  2. Just saw you subscribed to my blog. I’m happy to “meet” you and if I can be of help, let me know.

    Ahh… The memories! I do not envy your position. I could go on and on with suggestions and advice. I did not bring all of my photo albums. I brought a select few, my wedding, kids’ baby albums and actually went through ALL of my gazillion photos and pulled out enough for each of my kids to fill a large ziploc. I had a year to plan, though, so that helped. My criteria for what we put in our sea container was that nothing could go on there that I would cry over if it went to the bottom of the ocean. Therefore, the photos we brought with us came in my luggage. The rest are in what we hope is a sealed up, bug proof, climate controlled storage warehouse along with our other heirlooms we left behind. I like what the first commentor said about being streamlined. It is a good time to simplify. You will “collect” more along your new journey and you want to make sure you have room to take it back one day. 🙂

    • Lovely to “meet” you, too. All advice and suggestions are very welcome. I have tried to ask questions on an Expat Forum, but sheesh those boards are scary! I’m very much looking forward to travelling lighter, so much of the stuff we have we really don’t need.

      • We brought mostly things that we knew we would use that would save us money and things that would help us make our new place feel like home. Feel free to ask anything. If I can’t help, I have a great network of friends who might can. Yes, I know those forums are scary. 🙂 My e mail is astunz at gmail dot com if it would be any easier for you to communicate that way.

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