Feeling Seasick?

If you’ve visited my blog more than once in the last couple of weeks it’s probably looked different on each visit.

I’m sorry if the changing designs have made you feel a bit seasick.

I’m pretty sure I’m happy with this design.  It looks topic appropriate and doesn’t look too amateurish.

I think.

I hope.

8 thoughts on “Feeling Seasick?

  1. It is very appropriate.
    I am loving it.
    YOU are clever girl!
    I had to pay someone…a few hundred bucks, but now he is giving me free support for as long as…because they know why I blog. Nice!
    I’ve put their logo on my page in return.
    I am a bit ‘over’ others tonight…so you’ll do me love!! BLOG away XXX

    • Thank you, Denyse.

      It’s taken a while to find a theme I liked and one I could customise to suit. I guess the words are what’s important but some of the other looks I had were a bit amateur looking. I’m too much of a tight-wad to fork out $ for design or self-hosting. And too much of a techno dunderhead, too!

  2. Looks great. I like coming here ‘cos I like to read what you’re saying, but I do understand that you want it to look right too. Keep playing, and keep writing!

  3. I would love a new design on my blog but can’t seem to find the time to play. I know I would be consumed for hours once I began. Please let me know when you’re in Singapore. I would love to meet you for lunch when you feel like you’re settled enough or shopping if you’re needing anything you might not be able to locate.

    • It took me a lot of hours to get a look I was happy with! And my fingers are still itching to change it!

      I’d love to catch up when we arrive. At the moment our departure date is looking like May 14th. I can’t wait!

      • Sounds good! Let me know if I can be of any help. In case you haven’t heard, it’s h.o.t. here! 🙂

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