When The Cat’s Away……

My husband travels for work.

Some would say he travels a lot.

I would say he travels a bit.

Some months he can be away for 7 or more nights, other months he’s not away at all.

At the moment he has just spent the week flying to Germany (in BUSINESS CLASS) where he attended a work conference. In a CASTLE. Yes, in a castle.  He will also fly home in BUSINESS CLASS.

I am very jealous of the business class thing.  The luxury of laying in a fully reclining seat for 24 hours with no children to make demands of you, and someone else preparing, serving and cleaning up everything I eat and drink is my idea of heaven.  I’d almost be happy to fly business class to Germany, get off the plane, turn around and do the same trip home. 48 hours of uninterrupted luxury. Ahhhhh….

So, yes, my husband travels for work and many friends comment that I must find it hard to have him away so much.  He’s never had a job where he has knocked off at the same time every day, and I’m not sure how we’d travel as a couple if were to spend all of our time together.  Sure the 4 continuous months he was away last year was a bit over the top, but usually I quite enjoy a few nights to myself, and here’s a few reasons why:

  • I get the bed to myself. I can sleep like a starfish. I can snore, sniffle, cough and read to my heart’s content without disturbing anyone. I also have no-one else in the bed whose snoring, sniffling, coughing and reading may disturb me.  I don’t have the ongoing fight over doona possession, nor do I have a random hand slapping me in the head during the night (this happened TWICE one night last week).
  • Meals are simpler. Let’s face it, kids are happy to have the same meal served up every night, and whilst my kids are rather gourmet in their tastes they’ll happily chow down on chops and salad every night.  This saves me time and money.
  • Kids go to bed earlier. It’s not my husbands fault as he has to travel home from work on a carpark freeway, and we can never tell what time he’ll get home. Being a good dad he likes to see the Missies, which means dinner and then bedtime are later than they are when he’s not around.
  • I can be online as much as I please.
  • I get the bed to myself. Or did I already mention that?

So, I’m completely fine, most of the time, with the travel that the OH does.

And for the most part he’s OK with the amount of travel he does, but it does get him down at times.  The succession of flights, hotel rooms, conference facilities and business dinners wears thin, and he’d really rather be home in his gray QANTAS jarmies (that he got in BUSINESS CLASS) doing a jigsaw in front of the telly!

Estimated time of arrival 9.30 a.m.
Been up before the sun and now I’m tired before I even begin.
(Now you’re flying) I got so much work in front of me,
(Really flying) it stretches out far as the eye can see.
I can see.
Spend half my life in airports doing crosswords and attempting to sleep,
And when the bar is open then you’ll often find me warming a seat.
(Now you’re flying) I never find a place where I can stay
(Really flying) I’d rather be a thousand miles away.
Thousand miles away.

– Hoodoo Gurus

6 thoughts on “When The Cat’s Away……

  1. It’s about the grass is greener is some ways..yes?
    TBH, it is awesome to have a break from each other… the love still remains, but would you get out of the kitchen, please..oh those were my words…ooops
    (i swear to god that B hears me in the kitchen, and the pavlovian response is
    ‘i must go there too, stand where she wants to be next…and be slow as i go’
    I have named this The Kitchen Dance,

    Back to you Your blog. Your isssssues.

    When he is in Singers, he’ll still need to go back to Germany I guess…
    So I can totally get why he’s had enough at times.

    I am so in agreement with the ALONE time thing. As you know I need it…caring (as is child rearing) a tiring thing. And, you just want to be left alone.

    Instead of hopping on the plane…not the most versatile places to be for relaxing…could you try a night away BY yourself…you would enjoy some ‘me time’ in Aus before it all becomes ours and theirs in Singapore.
    Love D XX

    • The Kitchen Dance! Love it! Although my hub isn’t like that, although the bloody dog lies in front of the stove every time I cook. Drives me bonkers.

      I have done many nights away over the years. Hub is very good at understanding that I need that. Bizarrely, at the moment with Miss 4 in pre-school 2 days a week I’m travelling really well and don’t feel the need. which is good thing, because between now and when we leave (8 weeks! Eeek!) we have something on every weekend.

      With the very cheap Asian air carriers I may find myself sneaking away for a solo weekend in Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia! I will be spoilt for choice and these are very different destinations to my other solo trips – Bendigo, Ballarat, Sale. I did spend 1 delightful weekend with a girlfriend up at Nelson Bay (holday destination of my childhood) but the shark attack there this week may prevent me ever venturing into the water there again. 😦

  2. I have to admit, I absolutely love having the bed to myself! DH works odd hours too and can get home as late as 1-2am depending and let’s just say he’s not the most co-ordinated or … quiet, of human beings! If there’s something, anything, in the room to trip over, he will. He’s also expert at elbowing me in the head, kicking me in the shins and kneeing me in the back.

    And don’t even get me started on the snoring when he’s -really- tired or coping with a particularly virulent strain of man flu!

  3. Sleeping alone in the middle of the bed after having tea and chocolate is so sanity restoring I wonder if the mothercare nurses should recommend it as therapy!
    My best recent solo time was when hubs took bub with him to see his parents. I got to stay home alone and I missed the in-laws – result! I wanted those few precious hours to go so slowly so I could really enjoy it.
    When they were back it was lovely too, noisy, messy and busy but still lovely.
    Lesson here is; take your respite where you can find it.

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