Unusual Singapore Things #1

The government department in Singapore that deals with, amongst other things, work and residential permits is called The Ministry of Manpower.

Every time I hear “Ministry of Manpower” I imagine a grey government building staffed with these blokes:


A girl can dream!


For anyone not familiar with Australia’s Manpower, they were/are a troop of male strippers ‘dancers’.Ā  If you’re a frequent watcher of Oprah the man 3rd from the left (the shortest one) is her ‘gardening guru’ Jamie Durie.

10 thoughts on “Unusual Singapore Things #1

  1. Promise you’ll never stop posting what’s in your head that makes you laugh..that made me laugh! Oh..can the government in Singapore read minds..emails I guess.. You DO know what you’re doing? Right ? LOL

    • I can’t promise to post about EVERYTHING that enters my head, but if it’s not too rude I will.

      I do hope, though, I never post anything that offends the people of Singapore.

  2. Your imagination is a lot more fertile than mine, K.

    When I think of the Ministry of Manpower, I think of short men with bad combovers (gee, that implies there are actually ‘good’ combovers, doesn’t it?) wearing cardigans and slipon shoes. And their wives wear crimplene pantsuits.

    I think I’ll stop there. Your Ministry looks much better!

    • Judy – your mind must be purer than mine. Although there are no comb-overs (good or otherwise!) in my imagination.

      My full mental image upon hearing Ministry of Manpower are strippers wearing priest clothes. I had better stop right there or I may never be allowed to enter the country……

  3. I’m afraid when I first saw Ministry of, in my head it was Silly Walks.

    Then immediately after it was Manpower – who I saw about 3000 times when they came to Perth back in the late 80’s.

    Oh I did love a good Manpower show.

    • I never got to see Manpower šŸ˜¦ But I think I saw one of them doing a Charlie Chaplin routine at a Gold Coast ‘nightclub’ during schoolies. The very same nightclub I met the other half in. He was not charlie Chaplin, however.

  4. THAT was hilarious. Had me busting out the big laughs well into the first para. Thank you. Excellent work, keep it up. Just make sure you keep your reporting very covert, with alias- I’d hate to think your new host country could silence such a wit. Probably not an unusual Singapore thing?

  5. ha ha ha ….. so funny ….. MoM would be happy indeed to see themselves as above!

    We had the Chippendales here recently and they created a lot of WOW factor … certainly for the ladies, just not so sure about the MoM employee’s!

    You will have a bit to do with MoM once here so when there in the office, just think of your post and SMILE!!

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