8 thoughts on “Unusual Singapore Things #2

    • Parts of some kitchens are outside.

      All the Asian real estate agents don’t seem to understand our problem with having no hot running water in the kitchen. I guess it’s one of those cultural things. Living in Singapore I’d honestly rather no hot water in the shower than in the kitchen!

  1. Let me know if you find one that does. 20 apts in 2 searches and none had it. Our helper boils water in the tea kettle to do dishes. Not looking forward to all the washing of breast pump parts and bottles when #2 arrives.

    On the flip side-enjoy the looks when you want to drink ice water instead of warm/hot water.

  2. I tried to leave a comment with my phone but I think it failed (my phone threw up shortly thereafter).

    We looked at over 20 apartments in two visits (the look see and then during the month we were in corporate housing) and NONE had hot water in the kitchen. Our helper, B, uses the electric kettle to boil water for dishes, but I know it’s going to be a nightmare to keep baby bottles and breast pump parts clean to my overachiever standards.

    However…just wait until you want ice water at a non-Western place. They’ll think you’re nuts. Asians are all about drinking room temperature/hot water.

    Also…don’t forget…you want 4th floor or higher. The bottom floors have the biggest roach problems. We randomly get them on the 6th, but super infrequently. The higher, the better.

  3. We do have hot water in the kitchen AND we have an oven. Both of which I didn’t know were not standard when we moved in. I’m told I am very lucky! Many of the dishwashers and washing machines take so long to run (up to 3 hours) because they are built to heat the water internally. When you look for a washer machine (if your LL doesn’t provide), the top loaders do not heat water and are much cheaper but you wash everything with cold water. The front loaders are much more expensive but you get hot water. Hope the hunt is going well!

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  5. ahh – this falls under ‘things best not discussed over the phone in advance because you can’t really understand it until you see it’ category – good luck with the search!

  6. So how does it work? You just boil the kettle by the sound of it… Or someone boils the kettle. Am intrigued.

    But I’m with you on the cold showers – I travelled around Malaysia and had cold showers in an attempt to deal with the heat and humidity.

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