The Big Missy and I were discussing Singapore the other day.  Although that kind of goes without saying, as it’s pretty much the sole topic of discussion around here!

Anyway, I was telling her that despite having FOUR bathrooms (or SIX if we don’t get our first condo choice) we would all use the shower in my bathroom.  There’s only 4 of us, and we only use the one shower now, so no need to create more work unnecessarily.

Miss 8: “Well, it’s not like it’d be our responsibility to clean it! We’ll have a maid!”


She has been set straight.

9 thoughts on “Entitlement

  1. Congratulations on being gobsmacked. One of my best highschool friends grew up with many maids in Malaysia and it was only on going back after living in Australia for a couple of years that she saw for the first time the gross inequality it is based on.
    I will stop now. Was about to go into some sort of rant worthy of politics 101. You don’t need it! You are so aware and I know you will pass that onto your girls.

    • Miss 8 got a stern lecture about how *if* we get help we will not deliberately make work for them. Well, except for the ironing….

  2. Woah! Out of the mouths of… I can so hear that from my eldest gd. Interesting ain’t it? What gets picked up along the way.
    Of course you dealt with it as a sensible parent would.
    It seems tho’ that once in your new abode & community she will have quite a few different values & views put to her by others (peers)
    You have your family values. You stick to them of course.. But her world of influence is going to widen.
    Fasten seatbelts!! Not long now .. X

  3. “Gobsmacked” I love that word!! It’s a new one for me. I’ll have to add that one to my Texan slang vocabulary.

  4. just don’t forget to flush the toilets in the other bathrooms daily, as the mosquito inspectors will come knocking on your door if they aren’t. Happened to a friend of mine when she lived in SG 10 years ago. She had 2+ bathrooms and only used hers….they came and gave her fine for allowing water to ‘stagnate’ in other bathroom!

  5. Hmm. I agree with the kid 🙂 It seems to me she is thinking logically – like an engineer. Oh well, I often do favor kids ways of looking at things.

    I agree with the idea it is good to let kids realize that they have it well, when they do. And not to spoil them too much. We had maids when I was a kid in Singapore and again in Nigeria. The rest of my life we never considered it.

    Though I agree with the kid on this one, I think overall my outlook is not that of an overly entitled person. But maybe others disagree.

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