To Do

I wish I could blog at the moment, I really do.  But I can’t.

Well, obviously I am blogging, but I can’t blog properly.  I don’t have the capability to write about things in any useful form because my head is FULL.  It’s so full that I haven’t remembered things I should have.  I forgot that a friends’ husband had been in hospital and forgot to ask her how he was.  Queue guilt.  She understood, but I hate that it appeared that I didn’t care.

And I do care, it’s just that there is so much going on inside my head that anything that isn’t to do with the move has been pushed to  the back of my mind and it’s only during the quiet small hours of the night that they creep back to the front.

To go along with my massive moving To Do list, I now have another To Do list of other stuff.  I so love a To Do list!

The Moving To Do list is almost complete.  I still need to sell my car, but I still have 9  days in which to do that. Pleanty of time!

Anyone want to buy a 2000 Subaru Liberty wagon?  One lady owner and only used to drive the kids to school!

1 thought on “To Do

  1. Can you breathe normally? Serious question.
    When I was mini meltdown #247 last year & needed, Desperately needed, a break from caring… It took me sooo much effort, physically & mentally to-
    1. Leave B well-organized & inform family about “how to”
    2. Ensure all food etc stowed away for him to access whilst away
    3. Oh yes. Get myself ready.

    It’s nothing like what you are up to (x 3 & 4 counting you) getting a whole family ready to live for a long time.

    So, when I was over-stressed by it all I realized I wasn’t breathing fully. I just couldn’t relax enough to let body breathe deeply…. I just couldn’t & I’m sure it made me feel worse.. Less oxygen
    But once I was on the plane, taxiing, my breathing reverted to more “sighing” deeper breaths.. Relieved at the “finally am on my way” feeling.
    D xx

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