Meltdown Day

I’m not 100% sure about this but I’m quietly confident that everyone, no matter how positive they are, or how organised they are, will have a meltdown before relocating overseas.

Today is our meltdown day.

We both had farewell dinners last night.  I was safely tucked up in bed by 11pm whilst my husband arrived home just before dawn.

We are both tired and emotional today.  One of us (who is not me) may have a semi-trailer of a hangover. The three female inhabitants of our home have been in tears more than once.  If the male inhabitant got weepy he would shed tears of beer, so it’s best he keeps a lid on it.

Personally, I’m tired and drained.  I’m anxious and my body is reacting accordingly (I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that fibre is not needed at the moment).

But despite all this I am so looking forward to settling into that plane seat in seven sleeps time!

3 thoughts on “Meltdown Day

  1. We had a few of those too! It doesn’t matter how organized or ready you are too leave either. Then you have some on this side of the move too. Although it’s normal it is never fun! We ended up talking to the kids and just letting them and us get it all out. Your almost on that plane!

  2. Meltdown..funny term aint it…for when the air is decidedly arctic.
    Poor household…poor emotional temperatures…so I am sorry but as you say, and tweeted (TGFT*) it was ALLLLL about HIM.
    “Tears of Beer” Love it!
    *Thank God For Twitter – I think we have a new acronym and hashtag.

    So, Mum, it is ABOUT you tomorrow…but remember…you will be feeling simply awesome…in comparision to the Mr, who must, I hope, remember to spoil you …
    Love D.
    PS Thrilled to see my blog in a Blog Roll.
    Were you able to ‘grab the code’ so to speak? It’s just that blogger peeps don’t seem to be able to.
    Yay for me in your sidebar. Thanks Hon!

  3. I saw your frustration on Twitter today, I don’t envy you! Only a week to go now and you have Mothers Day tomorrow. Breakfast in bed, gifts given with love, a day all about you. When you’re settled in Singers you might be able to look back and smile. I hope! X

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