Unusual Singapore Things #3

The train system is a delight.

Clean and efficient. So efficient you don’t even need a timetable as they run so regularly.

And cheap. We did four separate train trips (trial runs to school and work) involving a few connecting lines and it cost less than $4 each. In Melbourne that would not even get you through a turnstile.

5 thoughts on “Unusual Singapore Things #3

  1. Don’t you just love public transit? I spent a lot of my working life in a car and now I just LOVE to be able to do things on foot or by public transit. For me it’s empowering to be able to leave the car at home and not have to fret about traffic and parking. If you calculate the real cost of owning a car (including depreciation) they are nothing more than a black hole for your money.

  2. I can remember – way back – when we first arrived and I went to the rail station to ask for a time table !!

    It took at least 10 minutes for them to understand what I was asking for as it sounded like TOIM TOIBEL with my Australian accent …. and then another 10 minutes for me to understand that 5.30am is the first train and after that ‘no worry lah’.

    I just love how easy it is to get around by train or bus here in Singapore and the cost is next to zilch ….. you are so right, to get through the turnstile in Melbourne would cost more than it does here to go from one end of the island to the other.

    and yes CLEAN…. how refreshing.

    already dreading the thought of a possible return to Melbourne and ‘having’ to use the public transport there, am sure we would have to go back to being a two car family without a doubt.

  3. I like the sound of that smooth & efficient means of transport… silly old me, thought the kids would be just going locally…. Which shows how ignorant I am and how these posts will serve to both educate & inform..

  4. I could be wrong, but I thought any trip on a train (no matter what trains you have to connect to) shouldn’t cost you more than $2.10

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