O Week : Day 3

Today is a public holiday in Singapore.  It’s Vesak Day, a Buddhist celebration which commemorates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha and his entry into Nirvana.

I didn’t see any celebrations that I could link with Vesak Day in this part of Singapore, but I am living temporarily in the shopping mecca that is Orchard Road.  (Does anybody NEED this many shops???)

Kind of gets the message across as to what happens if you trespass, doesn't it?

As it was a public holiday it  conveniently freed us from having to organise stuff, so we headed out for a walk to Fort Canning Park.  The fort sits on a hill and it’s been an important part of this island since at least the 1300’s, with a Malay King believed to have been buried there.  In more recent times it was used by The British as their headquarters and where they watched out to sea during World War II for invaders.  Great plan, except the invaders came from Malaysia to the north.

It’s now parklands and a function centre and well worth the climb up a few sets of stairs.  We wandered around checking out the various plants and paid particular attention to the Spice Garden.  I’ve never seen pepper, cocoa, and cinnamon trees/plants before.

Who knew there were squirrels in Singapore? Not I!

We went out early, which I think is essential for any physical activity to Singapore.  We also stuck to the shade which helped enormously, as did the huge quantities of water I drank.

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