O Week : Day 4

My mother guilt about the Missies having to change schools rushed to the fore this morning.  What if they didn’t make friends? What if we had ruined their lives with this little jaunt to the Far East?  What if..what if…what if….

My what if’s came to nought.  Both girls settled into their new classes incredibly easily and were eager to head back for more the next day.

And me? I left the school with 2 phone numbers and talk of a playdate for the Little Missy. 🙂

1 thought on “O Week : Day 4

  1. What a relief…now onto the rest of your days, weeks, months and years..you have kicked ‘butt’ in a big way. Your planning and angst and angst and more planning are done-ish. Now…is there anything YOU’d like to do…Mmmmm
    “Food for thought”
    Great work on such a lot achieved…two phone numbers…and one playdate.
    Sorted Socially in Singapore even before the week is up. D XX

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