O Week: Random Musings

I have been an appalling diary keeper my whole life.  Recording the day-to-day minutiae of my life is not for me, which is why I only managed to blog O Week for three days in a row despite vowing to myself I’d do better.

For a wrap up of the rest of the week I’m just going to do a Brain Dump.

Ready? Here we go ……

  • I had a lunch date with three other Expat bloggers.  Well, I kind of invited myself along but Andrea, Laurel and Tanya didn’t seem to mind and it was lovely to meet other women in the same position as me (although Andrea and Laurel are way ahead of me on this Expat living thing, and Tanya is a week further down the track).
  • The school run  would take just under 4 hours a day if we were only using public transport.  Trains are certainly the cheapest way to get around but when you add walking time from the station to school/apartment it’s not the quickest option.
  • The flashing light above the door on a Singapore train means the door is closing. Do not try to get on or one child will end up on the train, the other on the platform and your arm will be stuck in the door. This happened twice before the penny dropped with me.  Quick, aren’t I?
  • I need to buy a bread maker as Singapore bread has sugar added to it. Blergh.
  • Having a back spasm makes everything a gazillion times more difficult.
  • Hawker centres and food courts do not provide napkins.  I must remember to carry tissues/wet wipes at all times.
  • If at all possible stick to the shade.
  • We saw Malaysia from Sembawang Park and Miss 4 is keen to swim over.
  • Sweating is not embarrassing here, it’s simply a fact of life if you’re outdoors.
  • The expat community is very welcoming and helpful.
  • Sentosa Island is very short on signposts to direct you to the various attractions.
  • Does one tiny country need this many shops?????

3 thoughts on “O Week: Random Musings

  1. Shopping is the national past-time. I used to be an avid shopper in the US…now I’m so burnt out on malls that I almost never spend any time in them that isn’t directed (ie going to get groceries, taking E to a water play area, etc).

    The cab drivers often don’t know where stuff on Sentosa is, either (Palawan, my favorite beach, especially).

    I once lost B in the very same MRT situation. I didn’t yet have her cell programmed into mine, and I had to call her agency to call her to make a plan to reconnect one or two stations down. I was SO embarrassed!

    Sounds like you’re adjusting well!

  2. I am not sure if I have even seen a bread maker here …… try Courts or Challenger or maybe even Giant.

    and you are right, the bread is very sweet. The only one we find not so sweet is the Gardenia ‘country loaf’ ….. oval in shape and usually on the lower shelf.

    I brought back (from Melb) a large electric griller (Breville) lasted 4 mths due to the humidity. Rusted out in no time at all, it was just not built for the weather here and I had it INSIDE!

    Which reminds me, buy your food items (flour / cereal etc) in smaller quantities as they do go off a lot quicker. A new bottle of cinnamon (not even opened) was thrown out last week due to the humidity.

    Open up our refrigerators and you will see sugar, salt, coffee etc …. just so they stay ‘fresh’!

    With Sentosa, far better (and cheaper) for you to purchase a ‘family ticket’ and get a couple of maps … hang on to them for each visit. But it won’t take you long to get into the ‘swing of where everything is’ on Sentosa!!

    Buy a cheap packet of paper napkins and keep them handy…. then when you are heading out the door to the ‘local hawker market’ for dinner, grab the whole packet!

    5.2 million people need a lot of shops …. not for shopping …. but for a ‘cheap day out’ of window gazing in A/C comfort!!!

    enjoy your weekend. catch up soon. xx

    • I’ve found a couple of breadmakers – Robinsons and Mustafa’s – but I’m just leaving it a few weeks and seeing if we adjust. I will check out the country loaf.

      One of the tips we got before leaving home was that a lot more items go in the fridge in tropical climates so I have stocked up on Tupperware.

      Thanks for not minding my gate-crashing the lunch the other day!

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