THE Talk

For the last 6 months or so the Big Missy had been asking more and more questions about where babies came from, usually at inopportune times or when her little sister was in earshot, so it was never the right time to go into details.

Earlier this year her school was running a “Where Did I Come From” evening so I booked us in to that, but Miss 8 vetoed that loudly and told me she didn’t want to know. So we didn’t go.

I put it on the back-burner but mentally prepared my explanation for when she asked again.  Which she did last night.  Luckily, her sister was in bed.

It was a circuitous route to explaining the facts of life.  She wanted to know if the operation I had to stop me having babies hurt, and then moved onto details about what the operation involved and that lead to ovaries, eggs, fallopian tubes and clips.

And then came “but exactly how does a lady and a man make a baby?”

I kept it simple: “A man puts his penis into a lady’s vagina and stuff comes out of the penis and meets up with the egg and that turns into a baby”.

*Cue much giggling from Miss 8* (Which is better than the horrified reaction I was expecting.)

“So if you have clips on the inside the stuff has nowhere to go and it just falls out of your vagina?”

Erm..yeah…um…I suppose.

Then she moved onto how years ago when she was 3 or 4 she came up with the explanation of the dad telling the mum a special story and that’s how the baby got into her tummy.  I’m not sure how that explanation came about but we ran with it for a bit as it was age appropriate at the time.  No weirder than a stalk bringing a baby or finding it under a cabbage patch, right?

Then the Big Missy went on to tell me that she used to get one of her boy soft toys to tell her a story in the night so that she could get a baby in her tummy!

*cue much giggling from the mummy*

7 thoughts on “THE Talk

    • Why thank you! But I owe you thanks as you said you and TC just had a series of chats over the years as questions arose, so that’s the approach i opted for. Much more relaxed and she just gets little bits of info rather than a massive overload of rather icky information. x

  1. It sounds like you’re taking the right approach for Miss 8. Each kid (and each family) has their own way.

    It’s interesting that right now E is asking questions about the baby in my uterus (sorry, sex educator…can’t call it my belly…just….can’t)…but none of those questions is “how did the baby get there?” Kind of wondering when that shoe will drop.

  2. Gorgeous. Believe it or not, one school holidays when Mr was 6 (!) he insisted and insisted on finding out EVERYTHING, so we borrowed the VIDEO version of above book. It is surprisingly detailed and a little embarrassing, husband squirmed and we were subjected to endless, anatomically correct ‘questions after the presentation’. For days.

    Thank goodness it was the summer holidays, because I would’ve HATED those questions and discussions to continue in the classroom. Or show and tell/news.

  3. Awww that was just as you’d expect, right? I love that it always happens when “least” expected but, in the best and safest way possible she heard it from you. Facts, never let fantasy run away with the facts and it works. This then of course, poses the NEST step…hopefully for a few years yet…umm yes Big Missy one day, YOU too can have kids (not by telling Teddies stories either)
    So sweet Kel, thanks for sharing. *sigh*
    Two of my g’d have past puberty (euphemism)one at 11, the other at 12. Both OK.

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