Feet : Part 1

Within a couple of days of arriving in Singapore my feet  were aching.  Other new arrivals reported the same, as did another Twitter friend who relocated to the tropics for a year.

I’d even stocked up on the leather thongs*/ sandals I had favoured during summer in Australia.  What I didn’t take into account was that, unlike Melbourne with its ever-changing weather, I’d be wearing summer shoes every day.  Whilst my cheapish flip-flops were fine at home (because I wasn’t wearing the all day, every day) they were doing me no favours here.  I’m sure my foot problems were exacerbated by constant walking on concrete footpaths and not being used to hard floors inside.  In Melbourne a fair chunk of our house was carpeted which acts as a lovely pillow for tired and sore feet.


So, my very first Orchard Road purchase was a new pair of sandals complete with arch support.  And I’m not too proud to admit they are Hush Puppies.  I love them, which makes me sound like a Nanna.  And I’m OK with that!


* In Australia, thongs are things we wear on our feet.  They are called flip-flops and jandals in other parts of the world.  The things that are called thongs elsewhere are called “G-strings” in Australia,  I believe this is because they make you thing “Gee, these things are uncomfortable!”

4 thoughts on “Feet : Part 1

  1. I had the same problem in Dubai. Everywhere I walked was hard surfaces – streets, shopping malls and tiled floors in all the apartments and houses. I ended up with plantar fasciitis (google it) which can be very painful and takes AGES to heal, so you are smart to have recognized the risk so soon. Gross though it sounds, you should also watch out for fungal infections. You’d think wearing open shoes all the time would be good for your feet, but it caused me all kinds of problems – or maybe it was just the heat.

  2. Kel. You are COOL. But you are No Nanna!! Don’t believe anything about “should” as regards to feet, unless it’s :
    1. Going to help you get around
    2. Going to let you stay “on your feet” longer
    3. Going to improve your feet’s capacity to let you walk

    LONG time ago, I realised that comfort over fashion had to be my mantra. And my footwear is orthotics inside Brooks Addiction sneakers.
    But I can do mostly “what I want” and go “where I want to go”

    In the meantime, should you also determine the valueable asset I have shoe-wise, that’s a step up or down (pun intended) go the BIRKENSTOCK.
    I buy them directly from Germany (and we know where M’s work headquarters’ are) I have the best comfort in them, ever.
    However, in deference to your “sensitivities” about the nana look, I shall let you accustom yourself to the idea of the Hush Puppies.
    Love Denyse XX

  3. next time you go shopping, check out the FitFlops …. I can walk all day long in them…. yet when in Melbourne (cold weather etc) I suffer badly with arthritis and can not walk more than about 20 mins.

    Yet here, with the combination of the good weather AND my super FitFlops I have walked for 8 hours without any problems at all…. the best things on these tiled floors too. 🙂

  4. I own a bajillion pairs of Tevas. Most comfy flip flops I’ve found so far…will have to check out the HP’s though!

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