Unusual Singapore Things #5

Most kitchens in Singapore do not have air conditioning.

There are very few ‘open plan’ type kitchens here, meaning the kitchen is usually in a separate room, and without air con they get HOT!

3 thoughts on “Unusual Singapore Things #5

  1. That is not what you or I would like that’s for sure.
    Even in ‘western-type’ housing, or is that a misnomer?
    “Can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen’ would apply regularly IMHO.

  2. I really miss our central air in the US. Where everything from the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom had air con…as opposed to the room units.

    We have a helper but I love to cook, so it’s usually me sweating to death in there…I keep the door open all the time, which helps, but not nearly enough.

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