Feet – Part 3

Every summer I fight the battle of the heel.  They get dry from wearing open shoes and have a tendency to get cracks if I don’t take care of them.  I hate it when the skin on my feet gets snagged on the sheets.  If I have the opportunity to go to a day spa I will choose a pedicure over everything else. For about nine months of the year my toe nails are painted (usually red).

It appears I have a foot thing!

So, with wearing open shoes every day my heels are suffering.  When we went to the Night Safari the other week there was a Fish Spa and I thought about it for two seconds before handing over my money and dangling my feet into a pool of hungry fishies.

As soon as they saw me take a seat the fish swarmed my way.  Eagerly awaiting my dry and flaky feet.  This freaked me out.  Polite fish would wait and let me put my feet into clear water, to ease me into this.

For a while I could only bear to put my heels in.  Their raspy little nibbles in the arch of my foot and between my toes tickled, but eventually i relaxed and the experience was quite pleasant.

I only paid for 5 minutes (although it felt longer, I think I got a couple of extra minutes) and, sadly, my feet were less than half done.  In fact, a couple of days later they were the worst they had ever been and I had to take a trip to the pharmacy to buy a foot file thingy and some heavy duty foot cream.

Next time I will dangle my feet until the fishies swim away and my feet are baby-bum soft.

Who knew I could three posts about FEET?  I apologise to any readers who have a feet phobia.

2 thoughts on “Feet – Part 3

  1. No feet phobia.
    Am feet empathiser.
    My heels are always doing that (snagging sheets)…but I am really slack about applying cream. B and I got to podiatrist every 8 -12 weeks and he does the run over with a machine.
    I would feel funny about the fishies. Dunno. How do you tell if they go ‘too far’ and you get infection…gross out.
    When you are in new city and doing lots of walking, mostly on concrete, there’s part of the problem. When I was OS in Hawaii (06)and walking with sandals, and sometimes barefoot (it is a beach!) I got the sorest feet, and the only remedy (daggy) was back to lace up shoes and socks. I know…don’t say it….old lady gear. I even got B to make a pod appt for when I got back my feet were so sore.
    Long story. No you don’t bother me with feet stories. Gotta use our feet.

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