I Need To Share

I’ve not done this before, but I *need* to share this exquisite piece of writing from my friend, mamabook.  We moved away from Australia (but in different directions) only a few weeks apart, and I like to think we have been a support system for each other.

I’m only going to put the first couple of paragraphs here, and then you should click the link and pop over to 4 kids, a dog and a blog to read the rest of it.  Be warned, you will probably cry.

Stairs to Australia

Not long after we arrived in California I was having a chat with my youngest when, seemingly out of the blue, he started to cry. He was struggling to remember exactly how his Nana’s face looked, the one we had just left behind in Australia, the one he had seen at least twice a week for his entire life.

Last week we were visiting a generic shopping mall, one that looked much like the Westfield that we had visited so often with Mum, and I joked that Nana might appear around the corner at any moment. As I witnessed the small boys eyes light up with excitement as they peered eagerly into the crowds my heart sank. And I was again reminded that my youngest cannot conceptualise what half a world away really means.

I occasionally have these moments myself, where I momentarily forget, and it sets off a painful longing to be back in the city I love with the people who sustain me. Sometimes it is nothing more than a pang, at other times a sadness that can be best described as grief. And then there is guilt when I realise how at home I am here, how sometimes it feels as if I had never left in the first place.

To read more of mamabook’s post, pop over to 4 kids, a dog and a blog.

Anything to add? I love to hear your thoughts!

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