I am feeling blessed right now.

Blessed that we have had the good fortune to move overseas.

Blessed to move to a place that affords us so many opportunities to travel.

Blessed to have a good man in my life.

Blessed to have my girls.

There’s some frustration involved when relocating overseas (a bit of an understatement!), particularly given we picked as our rental property a mirage house – one that shimmers tantalizingly in the near future but never gets any closer.  So, I need to remind myself of all these blessings from time to time.

I am blessed.

4 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Something else called a blessing is that you write about your life too so that I, like others, share in the highs, lows and everywhere betweens of your Big Expat Adventure.
    The recent holiday has helped I’m sure see the recent times of arrival and disappointment & frustration with “stuff” for what they were.. Mere detractions in a blessed life experience for you all.
    Nice one, Kel! Xxxx

  2. Everything’s relative, isn’t it?! It’s so good to have that perspective, I find it helps to manage our emotions and expectations.

    Having said that, it’s perfectly understandable for you to feel angry about what’s happened! You have every right to demand a place for your children to call home.

    Hoping the mirage becomes palpable very soon xo

  3. It can be hard to remember just how lucky we are. You are doing things tough, but you are also blessed. Both. Hope it all plays out soon.

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