9 thoughts on “Unusual Singapore Things #6

  1. Ha!
    So, they have …???
    In Aus there’s talk of abandoning the 5c piece.
    When I went to US I found the fact that they had 1c coin, & same coloured dollar notes v disconcerting…but phew, did not get too mixed up.
    Shouldn’t everyone in every place just have more commonCENTS.

  2. I agree that’s strange, for me being a Brit that’s the equivalent of no £20, what I found weirder though (and actually took me several months to twig) was that there were no coins smaller than a 5 cent. I suddenly realised that where as in the UK you got 2p and 1p coins and therefore something can cost 99p or indeed any random number nothing here cost 99 cent or anything random or if it did they round it. It was only then I realised, can’t believe it took me so long!!

    • In Australia we haven’t had 1 or 2 cent coins for years and they’re now talking about getting rid of the 5 cent coin, too. Places still charge 99 cents, they just round it up.

      It took me a while of living here to realise no $20 bills, I just thought everyone must’ve been out of them!

  3. also, no pennies (well, they do have them, but you’ll see them maybe once every few years)

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who finds it weird that they go from 10 dollar bills to 50s.

    • No 1 or 2 cent pieces in Australia, either, so I”m used to that. We also have $2 coins so a purseful of $2 notes seems weird to me.

  4. There actually are! Or there was… My husband got one once and then kicked himself for spending it. We’ve never seen another one since.

      • I know! We do have a $1 SGD note (which has to be rare since all of the $1’s are coins) and an old $2 note. I wish they had dates on them like the USD but they don’t.

  5. yes … but there is a $1000.00 note!!

    Was in for a surprise when I went to the bank to withdraw $$ …. and thats what I was given. 🙂

    even took a photo knowing I would probably never see another one again!!

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