Expat Princess

I tweet. I like to tweet a lot.  Somewhere along the road of tweeting I have earned the label of ‘Expat Princess’, which in the Twitterverse is written as #expatprincess.

I’ve had many 140 character conversations about how Expat Princess Life is filled with pedicures, long lunches, tennis lessons and shopping, while the live-in maid took care of all the things I used to do.  Like raising my kids and other such boring chores.

To date, I am a massive fail on the Expat Princess scale.  I don’t have a live-in helper (although we haven’t ruled that out all together) and my days are pretty much the same.

‘Same shit, different country’, to be crude about it.

But I’m not at all unhappy about this.  We’re only two months into this expat lark, so it’s early days and I am still very much stumbling through things blind with my hands held out in front, hoping to ward off any obstacles.

At this point having the same basic routine that we had in Australia is providing security and stability for all of us, but most importantly for the kids.  My days are filled with pretty much the same sort of thing they were filled with at home – tidying, mothering, cooking, grocery shopping and spending WAY too much time online.  The kids lives are filled with the same things – school/pre-school, playing and bickering. Same goes for hub.

I assume over time that the routine will change. Slowly, steadily.

But, for now, we need the anchor of routine to tether us.

1 thought on “Expat Princess

  1. That is so true. How on earth would you “change” because of a move of address? Sorry, to anyone reading this other than Kel. But I “get that”
    You are who you are…and enjoy the title for a bit, but hey, you are YOU and the kids and the hub need their routines too…. XXX

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