Stuff I Miss

Thing I miss:

  • sausage rolls and pies from the bakery
  • Schwarzkopf hair spray in the silver can with the green lid
  • Bakers Delight cheese and bacon rolls
  • the nightly news
  • intuitively knowing which brands to buy whilst grocery shopping
  • finding clothes that fit fat bottomed girls
  • friendships that are past the ‘niceties’ stage
  • walking outside of a morning and feeling cool, fresh air
  • driving
  • having clean feet
  • not sweating
  • carpet

5 thoughts on “Stuff I Miss

  1. If I were living in the equatorial mist, not sweating would definitely be my number one! I actually appreciate a freshness in the air. On our honeymoon in Bali I looked red-faced and out of sorts in almost every shot. I’m enjoying a bit of Winter chill right now- love my hats, coats, boots and scarves! πŸ™‚ x

  2. I get all of that. Love my FNQ hols but need the a/c on! Sweaty … And red faced that’s me. So, I wish I could “send” you what you miss but alas, the customs ppl might think twice about a sausage roll & a cheese & bacon one too. Carpet. Mmmm. Yes. Soft under your feet. The friend thing … Hope it comes. Xx

  3. Yes Yes and Yes.
    Though I’ve found Polar cakes and something sell pretty nice pies etc if you NEED a pie like I did the other day….
    I also miss quiet. You know that lovely nothingness. No airplanes, no traffic, no people talking or scuffing furniture so I can hear it. Just peace and quiet.

  4. I’ve lived here all my life and have yet to find a good shampoo. Is there any brand you would recommend?

    the clothes are are positively tiny and I can’t bear the heat as well πŸ˜‰

  5. had a ‘down day’ yesterday ….. raided the freezer where I had just ONE Mrs Mac’s meat pies stashed away for a ‘rainy day’, 3 mins in the MW and it comes out perfect .. thow on a bit of heinz tom sauce and all is fine .. for a bit longer!

    Macs pies are found in the freezer section at CS and they are the closest you will ever get to a 4 ‘n 20. πŸ™‚

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