I have been looking forward to today for weeks.

In my own home, with my own stuff and both the Missies at school and kinder.

I was desperately looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet.

I should’ve known that as soon as things settled down and I had a minute to myself that homesickness would rear it’s ugly head.

I’ve had a knot sitting in my chest all day.

A yearning to be somewhere where I knew the way things worked and where a trip to the supermarket didn’t zap my energy.

(Disclaimer: I will be fine.  My husband’s away, so things are a bit harder, but I will be seeing friends tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. This, too, will pass. x)

8 thoughts on “Pangs

  1. Of course you feel miserable. You’ve finally got your own place, a safe haven where you can be your true self without putting on a brave face all the time. Go ahead and have a good cry and get it out of your system. Then you can laugh about it with your friends tomorrow. 🙂

  2. I made a beautifully sensitive and caring comment somewhere in the internet and pfft ‘gone’
    So, Kel..def thought it would be a tough one….but hey, you fed that emotion..GO girl… XX

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