Ladies Perspire, Horses Sweat

Or so my Nanna used to say.

Clearly, my beloved Nan never made it to Singapore. Actually, I don’t think she ever left New South Wales.

But living in Singapore you most definitely sweat.  There is nothing ladylike or delicate about it.  It’s something you really just have to get used to living in this climate.  You sweat, then you go inside and the air-con dries the sweat.  Then you go outside and sweat again. Rinse and repeat for eternity.

There are times where I don’t even realise I’m sweating, but when I reach up to scratch my face my hand comes away wet. And not just a little bit damp, but wet enough that you can flick drops off your hand like a marathon runner.  Which is where my resemblance to elite athletes begins and ends.

Sweat is just a fact of life here in the little red dot.

2 thoughts on “Ladies Perspire, Horses Sweat

  1. Very true, my Mum always says she doesn’t glow, perspire or sweat. I’ve pointed out to her several times that whilst that may be the case in the UK if she ever came to Singapore she’d be sweating along with the rest of us very soon.

  2. I heard that in school as well.

    I need to take at least 2 showers in Singapore and that’s when I’m mostly in the air-conditioned room.

    It’s quite difficult to exercise as the heat gets you so lethargic. Just going out in the sun feels like such an effort.

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