In that blurry period of time in the month before we moved to Singapore, my husband realised that he had a stash of frequent flyer points about to expire and nagged me to use them.  I was hesitant to do so as I have learnt from bitter experience that his work or other commitments will usually intervene with long-term plans, but eventually I gave in and booked a weekend on my own to Langkawi.

Of course, Murphy’s Law came into play and only a few weeks ago he learnt he was expected to be in Melbourne for work on my weekend.  There were some noises made on his part about how it would be a good chance for him to see his family, yadayadayada. On my part, there was silence.

I have no idea what happened or what strings he had to pull at work, but I got my weekend aways as planned. 🙂

Langkawi is a group of 99 islands at the very top of western Malaysia.  It is to Malaysia what Phuket is to Thailand, but not as crowded.

As we are doing another trip this coming weekend I picked a cheapish resort, the Awana Porto Malai.  Before booking any accommodation I always check out Trip Advisor so knew in advance that the resort had seen better days.  It was dated (I’d pinpoint it as 1987 given the abundance of lacquered pine furniture) but I’m happy to report it was spotlessly clean.  The resort is situated on the end of a point a&  is designed to look like a mediterranean villa (I think).  Decking extends out over the rocks, so it sort of feels like you’re staying on the water.

My room (Deluxe Sea View) had, as its name suggests, a sea view. It also had two “Queen size beds”, and Asian Queens must be smaller than Aussie queens as I’d call them a “double bed”, but they were clean and comfortable.

The Sea View

I didn’t do any sightseeing, I’ll save that for when I have my family with me, but the “Fun and Activities Centre” had tours to the nearby islands for eagle-feeding, snorkelling and the like.

My one ‘activity’ was 4.5 hours spent in the Spa.  Obviously, this activity was not really an activity as I spent the entire time prostrate.  I went for the Royal Javanese Pampering, which included  a Javanese massage, a herbal body scrub (I chose the chocolate one!), a body mask, facial and a bath.  I’ve had a number of spa treatments over the years and they all promise great things,  but the only benefit I’ve ever found is the relaxation get as a result of lying still, so I won’t bang on about all the health-giving benefits I was promised.

Now, as I mentioned, I’ve had a few spa treatments over the years, many of them massages. I like my massages gentle and relaxing, and I prefer not to hurt the next day.  Yes, I am a wimp.

I had no idea what a Javanese massage involved, but I now know it involves the massage therapist kneeling next to you on the table and using all her might to squash the air from your lungs.  Repeatedly.  There were probably other nice bits but all I can remember is the shock of all the oxygen being expelled from my lungs as she leant all her upper body weight on my back.  At one stage she

The Spa

made my heels hit my bum, something that hasn’t happened in about 30 years to my body.  I’m surprised I didn’t snap a ham string! There were a  considerable amount of strangled noises coming unplanned from me and I can’t say it was my idea of relaxation.  So, now I know what a Javanese massage is and next time I will opt for the safer bet of an aromatherapy massage!

Treatment room

Apart from the day spa, I read three books and indulged in some very hot retail therapy.  Midway through shopping when my t-shirt was almost thoroughly soaked I paid the admission price to Underwater World in order to

Kind of sad this was a solo bath!

have an extended amount of time in air-conditioning.

Underwater World was underwhelming and The Late Show’s “Piss Weak World” skit sprung continually to mind, but it served it’s purpose.

I flew Silk Air and could not fault them. The whole weekend was a dream and I returned to my family rested and refreshed.  Which disappeared immediately on opening the front door!

3 thoughts on “Langkawi

  1. that was funny….I am a total wimp when it comes to massages too. I like it super gentle 🙂 The aromatherapy ones are also good and they are best when the therapist doesn’t chat and I fall off to sleep without realizing it.

    Wow and 3 books is a lot. I always don’t manage to even finish one when I travel…I’m easily distracted.

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