A Trip To The Chemist, Singapore-style

For as long as I can remember the under the counter spot in chemists/pharmacies has been the home of jellybeans.  The ones in the clear pack with blue writing and the pharmacy guild icon on them.  The ones that no-one really likes but buys anyway to make it over the $10 limit for electronic bank purchases.  And we all know that lollies/sweets/candy are placed at the eye height of little kids for a reason!

Things are a bit different in the Lion City.  In one chain of stores, Watsons, the under the counter position displays condoms along with mini vibrators for both him and her!

I have nothing against these things being on sale, and I totally understand that customers should be spared the embarrassment of having to ask for a vibrating pleasure machine, but for the love of god WHY ARE THEY AT THE EXACT EYE HEIGHT OF LITTLE CHILDREN???

There’s nothing quite so weird as your 4 year old daughter pointing to a pack of strawberry flavoured condoms, rubbing her tummy and saying ‘yum, yum!’.

6 thoughts on “A Trip To The Chemist, Singapore-style

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