Things I’m Loving #1

To get an appointment for a check-up at the dentist in Melbourne you make the necessary phone call and are given a time (usually an inconvenient time) about six weeks hence.  So I was expecting the same sort of wait time here when I called to make an appointment for the Missies, only to offered an appoint THE NEXT DAY.

I have been very remiss in getting a skin cancer check, despite my dad having a melanoma removed from his back late last year.  This is bad of me, in fact it’s very bad of me and when I scratched my nose last night I noticed a couple of weird dry patches which prompted me to Google skin cancer clinics here.  I emailed my closest one and they called this morning and offered me an appointment TOMORROW.

This may have just been good luck on my part, but I’m hoping it’s the way things are here, most of the time.



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