Random Toilet Talk

I posted a Facebook status this morning about how I was happy for geckos to live in my house, I just wished they poo outside, and somehow it snowballed into a discussion on toilets in Asia.  Here are a few random snippets:

  • My awesome Texas friend calls a squat toilets a “squatty potty” and shared that in her fancy schmancy office building near the Merlion used toilet paper is often not flushed but put in the bin.  I avoid squatty potties as much as in humanly possible – my aim and my thigh strength just isn’t that good. Either way I will end up wet.
  • There is  a sign in the ladies toilet of the bar warning ladies not to squat on the toilet seat whilst wearing high heels. Given this is a bar and said ladies presumably have been drinking that feat is worthy of an Olympic event.
  • The majority of public toilets here are self-flushing, which sounds great in theory but for some reason they don’t always flush and then I have to try to figure out how the button/sensor thingy works (again, easier said than done).The Little Missy’s head reaches just to the sensor, which can mean it doesn’t register she’s there or as she moves the toilet flushes over and over as her head moves.  I find this funnier than she does.
  • Public toilets are free (unlike Europe where you have to pay for the privilege) and there’s often an attendant who is in charge of keeping things ship-shape.  She usually carries a trash bag and a pair of extra long tongs as she moves from cubicle and cubicle. I try not to think too hard about what it is she is using the tongs for.

Any other toilet talk you can add?

8 thoughts on “Random Toilet Talk

  1. I love the self-flushing, but sometimes they flush when I am still on them and the other day I used a public bathroom to get changed after a yoga class and the toilet just kept flushing haha.

  2. Is there a limit on how disgusting the toilet story can be? Because I have a doozy involving food poisoning and a self flushing toilet that turned out to be broken! Oh, the shame of it. I’m still embarrassed more than ten years later.

    Oh, and it really gets up my nose that I have to pay to use toilets in Europe. Especiall in a restaurant where I am a paying customer.

    • The toilets that freak me out are the ones (I think in the UK?) that after you flush they fill up with water, before draining out. So what you just did RISES upward, causing massive panic, and then relief when it drains away. Whoever designed them is sick.

      There was also a toilet in Nairobi at the office of the tour company we were using where I had to ask for the key. I foolishly thought this meant my trip to the bathroom would be pleasant. The toilets were full TO THE BRIM. Clearly they had not worked in a very long time but people kept using them. Why the hell did I need a key? Sometimes taking the shovel and digging a hole is a much more pleasant option.

      • I can’t believe I forgot to mention that here in the Netherlands the toilets are usually built with their very own viewing platform! So what you’ve just deposited is sitting there nicely looking at you, waiting for your seal of approval before being flushed away. Disgusting.

  3. Last year I had the chance to visit my brother in America. I was facinated with the toilets in the US. The problem (for me) was that I never knew whether I was in an ‘automatic flush’ facility or not. It was always disconcerting when they flush when you’re not quite prepared!

  4. The toilets in our new house (clearly not really new, in fact v old) are shit. Flushing capacity v low. Am seeing big plumbing bills in our future. Plus the water is too high which can be unpleasant. It just all seems closer – without getting too graphic.

  5. I was initially floored by the flushing mechanism in our apartment being a button you push on the top of the tank instead of a handle. I’m not sure why, but this weirded me out…and caused SO MUCH drama when we couldn’t figure out how to take the top of the tank off when we had a plumbing issue come up (you unscrew it).

    One of the things that floors me is the disparity in bathrooms in Singapore. Some, like Ion’s are gorgeous…prettier than my whole house. Others are just vile…I will never be desperate enough to use the ones at Sim Lim or Lucky Plaza ever again.

  6. Funny blog. I have travelled to many many countries. The toileting component is always a very interesting part! Imagine being that hard up you were the lady walking around with the tongs! Everyone, no matter if u hate your job there ate always worse ways to earn a living. A little takeaway there!

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