Unusual Singapore Things #9

It is custom when parking in a shopping centre to REVERSE in.

6 thoughts on “Unusual Singapore Things #9

  1. the lots are are positively tiny but Singaporean drivers are used to it. I just wish my fellow citizens could be less aggressive when they drive. It can be quite scary.

    • I’m becoming accustomed to it, but I do tend to shop early in the day and just keep driving up until I find a lot I can drive through, rather than reverse into.

      I haven’t felt too much aggressiveness here, no worse than Australia, but I try and just focus on what I’m doing and not what others are!

  2. I live in a town that has reverse in parking on the street. It’s crazy – you have people stopping suddenly because they’ve spied a park, and throwing their car into reverse. Which is fine as long as you don’t follow too close.

    The other thing they have here is pedestrian crossings just after a roundabout (10m if that). So you have people trying to reverse into a park, people trying to walk across the street and you’re trying to negotiate a roundabout. Love it.

    I think your very brave just driving!

  3. I’m usually a fan of reverse parking … quick getaway and all that… but when shopping it makes no sense, at least not if you’re grocery shopping. You want to be able to bring the shopping cart right up to the trunk so you can load the shopping easily; not possible if you’ve reversed into the spot.

    • Actually I think its much safer to reverse park after grocery shopping, otherwise you will be standing in the middle of the road with your trolley. Better designed carparks will have a trolley aisle running between lots so you can load without worrying about incoming traffic~

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