We have been in our house for six weeks .  Or it could be seven. I could check but I can’t be arsed, quite frankly.  So, let’s just say we’ve been here since mid-July.

The house is not a house in the Australian understanding of that word.  It’s called a ‘cluster house’ – a low density (by Singapore standards) development of 34 townhouses with a communal pool area.  Roughly half the houses are occupied by locals and the rest by expats, and all have three storeys plus a basement and heck of a lot of stairs linking it all together.

Ours is more than likely the barest as we brought very little furniture with us.  We’ve bought enough to make it comfortable but – so far – have resisted the urge to race out and acquire stuff to fill up all the empty spaces.  We got rid of heaps of stuff before we moved and I’m enjoying living lighter.

It’s not quite ‘home’ yet, but it’s getting there.


3 thoughts on “Settling

  1. I like your style K! “can’t be arsed” you are relaxing into the life you are leading … The house is what it is… Light & comfy… Are you getting any help eg maid or “can’t be arsed” D x

  2. I too would like to live lighter. Still trying to get second son to take his “stuff” to new house. It seems he can’t be arsed either and gets very narky when I suggest he takes some each time he visits. Relations slightly strained at present.

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