Putting The Jigsaw Back Together Again

When you move countries you spend weeks, perhaps months, dismantling the entire infrastructure of your life.  You disconnect all the utilities (gas, electricity, phone, internet, water), take the kids to their last swim/piano/craft lesson, you sell the car, lease out your house,  put your belongings into boxes, say goodbye to friends and family, and you start anew.

For a while you live untethered by the ties that bound your life previously.

Serviced apartment living is pretty cool.

For about a week.

And then you  yearn for those familiar ties that gave your life routine, structure and security, and you set about recreating the life you left behind.

Then real life begins again.


And that’s where we are at the moment – real life.

We have a car, furniture, friends, kids activities, pictures on the wall, photos on the book shelves and all the accoutrements of our life in Australia.

It is a different ‘real life’ than we had at home.

One of the things we both wanted out of the move was to spend more time as a family.  Just the four of us.  Stripping back our life and being together, instead of constantly running in different directions.

My husband walks the Missies to their bus stop every morning and waves them off to start their day at school. In Melbourne he never saw them until he got home of an evening when everyone was tired and grumpy.  We spend the weekends together and we’re connecting as a family in a way that we didn’t before by getting out and doing things together.  We are looking to each other for support and fun, rather than to others which was often the case before.

Should this time in Singapore bring us nothing else I shall be eternally grateful for the opportunity to connect as a family in this way.

4 thoughts on “Putting The Jigsaw Back Together Again

  1. Aw, that’s loverly! Do you think you are allowed this family time mainly because your social circle is still back in Aus, or are work hours different? Or is it more of a commitment to do things differently while you’re away from ‘home’? x

    • Work hours are about the same, but there’s no pesky ‘freeway’ that turns into a car park every eveining to slow down hubs return! It has been a conscious decision, too. Something we both wanted after we came out of a fairly dark place in our marriage. Without the expectations/traditions that extended families have we are free to find our own groove. 🙂

  2. I needed to read the upside today and I agree with you. This is one of the benefits. You have nobody to rely upon but each other and it can definitely bring you closer. We have new routines too and have managed to make our life in a more contained physical space so that we are not forever driving from one end of town to another.
    It is lovely to hear that things are settling down for you and you are putting your life back together again xx

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