I’ve posted before about the different reactions the Missies have to strangers taking their photo.  One hates it and one adores it, and those reactions remained the same on our trip to Cambodia.

On Day One we had to buy our passes to visit the temples around Siem Reap, kids are free so we left the Missies in the tuk tuk with the driver and headed over to purchase our passes. A few minutes later the Big Missy showed up next to us and said she had to leave the tuk tuk as people with cameras surrounded it.

We headed back and the tuk tuk was indeed surrounded by a Chinese tour group merrily snapping shots of The Little Missy who was happily posing and smiling for her adoring fans.  So long as she is happy and not scared I don’t mind, although I did motion for one lady with a cigarette in her hand to move back.

Over the next few days these scenes were repeated a few times.

It’s the curly locks, big brown eyes, cherubic body and the mischievous glint that draws the crowds in.  As I said, I don’t mind if they take photos of her but I find the phenomenon of taking photos of a kid you don’t know a bit odd, but each to their own.

It wasn’t until we were in the airport at Siem Reap that I realised just how many photos had been taken of the Little Missy.  A lady sat down next to us and then got out her camera.

“Here we go again”, I thought.

But she didn’t take a photo she scrolled through all the photos she had taken around the ruins of the Little Missy. Then her friends pulled out their cameras and did the same. There were LOTS of photos and they were thrilled to meet their idol again and took some more photos.

I’d be curious to know just how many photos of the Little Missy are floating around Facebook titled “Cute little girl”!

5 thoughts on “Paparazzi

  1. When we arrived in Sydney, we’d been here for 2 days and miss12 who was miss4months at the time was ambushed by a busload of Japanese tourists wanting a photo with a real Australian. We rode the wave. They never knew that we were fresh off the boat from South Africa:)

  2. That is weird and amazing and freaky! I am glad Little Missie enjoys it as it is obvious going to keep happening for some time. My small boys exactly the same in their difference. Big one breaks out in a dance performance, the more ppl watching the better. Little one copies but insists that everybody leave the space except for me. Is hilarious.

  3. When our twin girls were 4 we were at dreamworld and went into an Australiana type show where they shear sheep etc. Was full of Asian tourists. Before the show started we became the preshow entertainment! They wouldn’t leave the girks alone. They started getting a bit freaked out. It even held up the show! The host of the show thought it was hilarious. When we left the show we literally had to do a runner with the girls to get away as it was starting to turn into another frenzy! They just have no shame and shyness or sense of personal space when it comes to this! So I can def relate to you blog!

    • I went to that show when Miss 5 was about 7 months old and no-one tried to take her photo! We mustn’t have coinicided with a tour group. I just can’t imagine having a zillion snaps of strangers kids in my photo albums.

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