Too Many

I’ve had the belief for the last few years that we as a society (and me as an individual) take too many photos in this digital age.

Often times we all stand with a black digital device in front of our eyes, separating us from the people or the sites that we should be soaking up.

Earlier this week we went to the terrific Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi.  It’s cheap and amazing and a highlight of any Hanoi visit.  But I felt my hackles rise as soon as the lights dimmed.  Or I’m assuming the lights dimmed but it was difficult to tell as 90% of the audience then raised their digital cameras and starting snapping and filming so darkness never really settled in the theatre.

The Australian lady (there are LOTS of Aussies in Vietnam) in front took photos and then looked at the photos.  I doubt she really SAW more than a few minutes of the show in real time.

My camera stayed in my bag.  I like to watch and soak up the experience, even if it means I am image-less when the curtain comes down.

Don’t get me wrong, I take lots of photos but there’s a time and a place and this wasn’t it!

I may not have a photo to show but I do have the memories.

6 thoughts on “Too Many

  1. I so agree. I feel the same way about video cameras. Which is why we have never gotten one. I don’t want to experience my holidays via a camera lens. I want to experience it then and there.

  2. Ugh tell me about it!

    I went to a concert earlier this year and the row of girls in front of me didn’t put their cameras or phones down At. All. I was distracted for the entire show by the little glowing screens as they took video and stills and FB’ed and Tweeted the entire show blow by blow.

    Very distracting, very annoying and very darn RUDE!

    *rant over*

  3. You are right so right, not that I haven’t been guilty of doing the same. It is now hard to imagine a time before digital when we had to so carefully decide when to click as we only had 24 or 36 shots on the roll. Your experience tells me it is a good thing that (in Australia at least) taking photos during live performances is usually banned.

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