A Wash, Cut & Blowdry, Please!

We’ve been in Singapore a little over 5 months and I last had my haircut a few weeks before we left Australia.  Even with my dodgy mathematical skills I can deduce that I was way overdue for a haircut, so in the last couple of weeks I’ve been asking friends where they get their locks tended.

It seems there are only a couple of salons that expats trust with their crowning glories, none of which were charging anything remotely close to the figure I think a haircut should cost.  There certainly should not be three digits in front of the decimal point!  One friend mentioned a sum of just a skerrick under $500 for a cut and colour. Yikes.

This morning I remembered the wise words of my friend, PT – “It’s just hair, dude.”  I’m not sure why I was being so precious and worrying myself into an early grave over whether hairdressers in Asia could handle my curly Western hair.  After all, its just hair, dude, it’ll grow!

And so I walked into a local salon tucked away in the back of my nearest shopping mall.  Given the receptionist was engrossed in the paper and the two other staff members were nose to screen with their iPhones, they weren’t exactly rushed off their feet and I was ushered to a chair straight away for a “Wash, Cut and Blowdry”.

They need to rewrite that sign, though, as I got a cut.  Then a wash.

The best bit? It cost $28 (Singapore, minus about 20% for Aussie dollars).

7 thoughts on “A Wash, Cut & Blowdry, Please!

    • I am unsure as to happiness of cut as my hair has been blowdried straight and until I wash and do it myself I’m unsure of the quality of the cut. Given, I wear it tied back 95% of the time, it should be fine!

      No, head massage. 😦

  1. Your friend PT reminds me of what my wise old friend Mim used to say – ‘the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is … two weeks’!

    Hope you’re happy with it, Kel

  2. I go to my local mall for an occasional wash and blowout, but splurge on a cut. (I’m from NYC, so US$100 seems fine to me. YMMV, of course.) If you need recommendations, just holler.

  3. Brave!! If you do decide you would like to try somewhere else I have a good referral for you in Pandan Valley Condo. Her contact info is actually on my helpful Singapore info page. About $30 for decent massage wash and then cut and style. She always does a nice job. I do try to wait though until I go back to Texas if I know we’re going. There’s no way I’m paying hundreds here for something I’m not even sure will be good.

  4. Where were the places they were recommending?

    Boston prices also make 100+ about what I paid for cut, and 250 for cut/color (which is about 300 sgd)…would totally be worth it if they were any good. You know I’ve been terrified about getting my hair done here. I have super fine hair and I’ve yet to see a salon where a stylist (even their master stylist) could give me an appropriate shampoo recommendation that doesn’t weigh my hair down and make it greasy–and if you can’t recommend a shampoo that’s good for my hair type, I’m betting you don’t understand it well enough to cut it.

  5. I’m not sure my previous comment went through(?). Just wanting to say that among the many complications of getting situated in a new country, it is important to find a good stylist – especially with my crazy hair! Happy 5 month anni! XoLaura

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