Six Months

Today marks six calendar months since we left Australia for Singapore.

Six months! Half a year! Time flies.

In the last six months I have:

  • been on an incredible learning curve;
  • made a home out of a house;
  • taken to my bed when I’ve been overwhelmed;
  • still not committed my ID card number to memory ;
  • adopted the phrases “Can” and “welcome”;
  • played mahjong;
  • visited Phuket, Langkawi, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Vietnam;
  • desperately missed the holiday house;
  • found new friends and missed old ones;
  • enrolled in my Masters of Education;
  • allowed my kids to Trick or Treat;
  • never regretted deciding to do this;
  • held my daughters while they cried for their old life;
  • climbed up and down the 76 stairs in this house countless times;
  • asked a million questions about a million things;
  • laughed;
  • cried;
  • welcomed three lots of house guests;
  • eaten awesome food;
  • eaten some rather dire food (sugary bread being top of the list);
  • still not tried Durian;
  • marvelled at many lightning shows;
  • started drinking beer;
  • got caught in the rain*;
  • drank Pina Coladas*;
  • become closer to my husband and daughters;
  • sweated buckets;
  • been thankful for this amazing experience.

*a little Pina Colada song reference.  I actually prefer margaritas and mojitos!

6 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. 6 Months! And, even as I write that I realise it was in Jan this year, that you were “at the beach house” and living that life…which you miss…sorry for that.
    Lovely to read the list Kel! Love following your journey too.

  2. Go on, try the durian. You know you want to. Perhaps ease into it as a deep fried ball as a dessert. I think I still have the smell of that stuff up my nostrils and the last time I smelled it was in 1997!

    What an adventure it has been, this last six months!

  3. You have to try the durian even if it is only once. It’s like a rite of passage or something! For me, words just are not adequate to describe it.
    Like your list – I have one of my own with a few similar things. Coming here has certainly been an experience and now that I have settled in a bit more I am glad I took the leap (although I still have days where I feel cranky about it).
    Was lovely to meet you yesterday!

  4. Six months- that was rocket fast, lah!
    Have the poo fruit, have the poo fruit.
    Great news about the Masters.
    I sympathise with your missing the beach house. I don’t have one, and I certainly miss it! 😉

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