Tonight my husband flies back to Australia for 9 nights on a boys fishing trip.*

I am consumed with jealousy and what I assume is homesickness.  I’ve not been feeling all that flash this week – tired, emotional, fed up – and I yearn to rug up in tracky daks and bed socks and wallow.

But I can’t as I live in a place that is perpetually summer.

Who would believe that continual warmth could make you stabby?  Well it does.

I’m a tad over wearing the same thing (that is, summer clothes) every single day.

I want to feel a nip in the air and have “cardigan remorse”.

I’d like not to sweat whilst sitting on my couch.

Today I just want to go home.


*I am just going to leave out the rant about how unfair this  is and how my future does not hold a comensurate amount of “me” time so that I do not sound like a bitter wife. Darn, looks like I just did that.

11 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Your husband has it good!

    If I were you I’d be booking yourself a big holiday to wherever (be it here, or somewhere nearby over there at an Asia/Pacific resort etc) with or without your kids and getting in some serious time for you! You sound like you need it!

    • Yes, that may well happen! I do like living in singapore – it’s a very easy way of life – but as it’s so small (smaller than Melbourne) there’s nowhere to go and it makes me feel a little claustrophobic (sp?) at times. I miss our house at Phillip Island and the escape route it has always provided!

  2. Hi there! I’m a newish expat in Singapore as well and went through exactly what you describe last week. I wallowed a bit. OK, maybe a lot. 😀 It’s getting better. Hope things brighten up for you soon.


  3. Oh dear KJ!
    I couldn’t last a couple of weeks in that heat.
    Sorry you’re feeling this way 😦
    Pretty sure it’s all part of the deal though, and it will pass.
    Nevertheless, I do think some payback from the husband will be in order.

    • Thanks, Twitchy. After a decent nights sleep and a heart-to-heart with hub (whilst he was packing) I feel much better. He did say we could all go home for Chrissy if I wanted to (erm….no!), but I know these feelings will pass and that they are normal so I will just roll with it! x

  4. A 9 day fishing trip! I presume it is not also school holidays. I had a few moments today sitting alone at the park with the kids surrounded by extended families together for Thanksgiving holiday.
    Hopefully the 9 days will pass quickly and there will be some benefits – husbands can be somewhat demanding too!

    • Well, the house does run according to MY schedule when he is away! I also forgot to mention that he is home for 36 hours after fishing and then heads to China on a business trip……

      But, with a decent nights sleep I feel much better today! x

  5. Totally know how that feels. All of it. Especially the being hot all the time, which can lead to frustration and crankiness. It’s tiring. Believe me, you aren’t the only one who has the ‘bitter wife’ thoughts on occasion. I sometimes have anxiety problems with crowds as well and hubby is now used to me saying I feel stabby and need time out if we are out for the day. Getting the hang of that now though. I do like it here, mostly, but I miss wide open spaces and fresh air and quiet.

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