The Little Things

Apologies to anyone who follows my blog and who has been wondering where I’ve been.

I’ve not been to London to visit the Queen but I have been dealing with a case of culture shock.  Culture shock isn’t wha tI thought it would be – a deep yearning to pack up and go home.  Rather, (as one friend phrased it) it’s feeling disconnected.

I don’t dislike Singapore, I don’t want to jump on a plane and go ‘home’, I just guess the gloss has worn off and it’s the adjustment to getting on with life.

Same shit, different country. (To be perfectly blunt about it!)

Anyway, this post isn’t about culture shock it’s about how little things can brighten your day.

When you move countries you can’t tell beforehand what you’ll miss.  And for me it’s often the little inconsequential things that I miss, and this may be because the big things (family and friends) are just too BIG to comprehend.

I’ve been blown away lately by two surprise ‘care packages’.  One of which was from a lovely online friend who I have never, ever met in real life who sent me two boxes of Cheezels.  When we first arrived here I learnt very quickly that just because a product has the same name  and general appearance that they are no necessarily the same. All Cheezels are not equal and Australian Cheezels are far superior to the ones they sell here.  And I will brook no arguments about this!

The second package was a 2012 calendar.  A 2012 calendar that comes free with a Melbourne paper every year.  A calendar illustrated by the cartoonist Michael Leunig and has hung on the inside of my pantry for years, recording the endless rounds of swimming, ballet and sporting engagements of my family.  Who would’ve thunk a free calendar would make my heart sing?!

Whilst the Cheezels and the calendar are lovely what really, really thrilled me is that two people (neither of whom I would’ve thought knew me all that well) went out of their way to send me a piece of my old life.

I am blessed to have people like this in my life.

3 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Same shit, different country. (To be perfectly blunt about it!)

    This is what I have a hard time explaining to people back home when I first tell them that I live abroad. And it’s often the root of my homesickness–when I’m dealing with some stupid mundane thing and it just makes me homesick.

  2. LOVE those care packages. I used to love seeing really old sections of the papers… mum would sometimes send a month worth of the ‘chick stuff’ and food sections of the weekend papers.

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