Only just yesterday I was sighing over my lack of readers and trying to think of new ways of courting readers.

Perhaps go down the whole “Wordless Wednesday”, “Grateful Thursday” path?

Look into hosting ads?

And then stuff happened in the blog world.

Stuff between and Australian blogger and a Singaporean blogger, coincidentally.

And I realised I don’t actually care if no-one reads my blog.

I blog for me.

To record this incredible journey we are on.

And to (maybe) help other expats figure this expat thing out.

4 thoughts on “Blogland

  1. It’s kind of like a journal this blogging thing isn’t it? Though maybe you don’t quite reveal all your innermost thoughts. Or maybe you do. 🙂 I’m a bit slack in updating mine but when I do I enjoy it. Keep writing because there are probably more people than you realise who actually read your blog but don’t often comment, like me. Plus you’ll have something to look back on to remind you of your experiences.

  2. Well I read it! And I’m with you- if having low readership means not having to deal with *low-life*s, then that is in fact a huge plus. The blogo/twittersphere took a huge bite on the arse yesterday and it was not a win for anyone. Keep going 🙂 Our blogs are ours. xx

  3. I’m a new reader who hasn’t had a chance to write any comments yet…..i think rmost blogging is like an online journal and it does gives each other the opportunity to look into other lives

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