This Week

This week has been a big one.

And it’s only Thursday.

Monday was a big day, a bit of a watershed, but that’s not going to be blogged about.

Tuesday was Thaipusam.  I still have adrenalin running through my body from it.  It filled me with joy, wonder and respect.

On Wednesday I passed my Singapore “basic driving test”, which means I can convert my Aussie one to a Singaporean one.  It’s been a long, long, long time since I sat a test and sitting it at the same time as my over-achieving husband put even more pressure on.  But we both passed with the exact same score.  I am very glad that is over.

Then last night we went to see Australian singer/songwriter Paul Kelly.  We are both long-time fans and a PK concert is one of the few things we can be bothered organising a babysitter for.  It was a great night, even though I’d rather see any artist in a noisy pub where I can dance and sing along than in a seated performance.  The best bit was attending something where I understood all the cultural references.  I didn’t have to mentally translate accents or slang.  I could just enjoy myself.

Thursday (which is today) sees me flying off to Perth tonight for a solo weekend of Cheezels and “me time”.

So excited.

4 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Oh that’s good to read. Looking forward to your weekend I bet.
    Are you bringing extra luggage for cheezels, & whatever else tastes different but has same name ….
    You and hub compete? Gee, I don’t know couples did that *lies through teeth*

  2. Have a great weekend in Perth, Kel. If you happen to be anywhere near the 8th floor of the Hyatt, or Cream Restaurant which I think is in East Perth, pop in and say ‘G’day’ to Tom. He’ll be the tall, dark, well-dressed young man. Dunno who he gets his dress sense from … definitely not me! Have a blast and don’t eat too many Cheezels!

  3. Enjoy Perth! Try not to turn yourself orange from all the Cheezels. 🙂 I’ve been thinking that it might be a good place for me to take a break sometime too, especially as I have a niece and friends there whom I rarely see even when living in Melbourne.

    It was so hard to sit still at the Paul Kelly concert – I agree about the dancing and singing along in a pub. But it was brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed it too!

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